Frequently Asked Questions

We believe there are always questions when it comes to the best website for you. We have prepared some answers.

What’s included in your services?

For us the most important are you, our customer. We love bespoke projects and align them to your needs. We take every project as unique and want to see you expanding your business, that’s why we offer wide range of services and create a tailored solution out of them to fit exactly your challenge. We love taking the responsibility about your website off of your shoulders, that’s why all the services available are on your request after discussing your vision:

  • Domain register and/or transfer
  • Hosting management if needed
  • Company email creation
  • Website visual framework
  • Bespoke design using your brand’s values using design templates
  • Most used and advanced CMS on the planet – WordPress
  • SSL Certificate
  • Website backup and update management
  • Create a high conversion content for your brand
  • Integration of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Contact forms, Email collection tools, sticky contact popups etc.
  • Translation services if needed.
  • Image Optimization to increase the site speed
  • Digital sales campaigns on request
  • Hosting & Support on subscription
  • Documentation how to use and edit the information afterward
  • Clickable email addresses, phone numbers
  • Integrated maps
  • Fully responsive site

How we must plan the development and cooperation?

Opt for your plan to successful web design



Contact us and let’s take a look at your business. After, we will offer you a proposal, including design idea examples, as well as what’s necessary from the functionality of your new brand site to help you reach business goals.


We will ask you to provide all the information and visuals – identity guidelines, photos, and videos. We will ask you to define your ideal customer to better understand your business. By seeing your values and targets we will define a project framework – design and content guidelines and ask for approval.


After 1-2 weeks we will invite you to review the first version of your website where you can add your suggestions, define changes. You will have a chance to add extra pages, sections, change color etc. After this, there will be another revision available where you can adjust minor things – like minor text content or change images.


After finalizing your sales-focused functional website, start using it to gain more customers, strengthen your brand, analyze your site’s visitors and grow your brand awareness, expand the business!

How will happen our cooperation?

We will meet or have a call to discuss your brand and vision. After this we will see if you will want to let us take care of your brand image on the web. If yes, we will analyse your market, make you a proposal how it could look like after you told us your vision, defined your target audience. We will also suggest you what should be necessary to include in your new site to make it convert leads to customers.

We are glad to do what we do best and free your hands to do your main business. Main steps to your new website are:

  • Accepting the proposal, approving design and content framework;
  • Design the website first from functionality and looks, sending you for a check , making changes, approve;
  • Copy writing, content and brand’s elements integration. Approve or make changes;
  • Third revision, approve, minor changes accepted and publishing!

How much my website will cost?”

Brandsite is interested to make exactly your dream website real and see you satisfied with it, that’s why we chose to stick with the bespoke project framework. In our work we use our knowledge of digital sales and marketing, an eye on design – combining all of these into the high converting website where the content is placed according to customer journey flow through your brand site. We use a top WordPress design template to save the costs on programming the framework and spend most time on bespoke design creation, aligning it to your brand needs, in this way breaking up the way for the small brands and new businesses to have an astonishing design website with the content which speaks to your ideal customer for less and in shorter time.
Pricing depends on your requests but usually is in rage from EUR 600– 1500. For e-commerce sites please sent your request to

How fast I can receive my new website?

After you approved project framework – aligned design ideas and provided us with the information about your brand, content and other information you would like to see in your new site, production time is 14 business days.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can. We will take care of the domain transfer if necessary. Otherwise we can use also your existing hosting provider.

If you don’t have the domain yet, we can take care of it too.

Do I receive a warranty and support?

By choosing to work with us, we give you our word and promise – your satisfaction is our motivator, that’s why choosing Brandsite is RISK-FREE and we take responsibility for the work we do. You will receive:

  • 6 months warranty*
  • 3 months of free support
  • 3 revisions available
  • RISK-FREE – if you don’t like your new brand site after 3 revisions – receive your money back!

*6 months warranty – warranty works in this case if customer has not changed the information in CMS back-end panel, or the programming code.

Can I approve my new site before publishing?

You will have the chance to revise your new site three times.
After approving the project – design idea, content, visual elements, necessary functions to integrate, site map and website visitor flow, we will make the first step – make the design with a little part of the content, you can make changes. Second step – approve design together with content.  And the third time we will revise it together online or in the meeting and make your brand website ready to publish.

In case, if after the third revision you have a need to make bigger adjustments like – creating a new section, page, etc., we will be able to do this by agreeing on extra costs on hourly rate.

Just remember – you will always have the opportunity to change some parts or everything very easily with or without our help because we use the most advanced and commonly used content management system.

What's your strategy to manage such a pricing?

At Brandsite we believe in great business ideas and brand stories. That’s why we found a way to deliver so necessary tool for every business – a website that is multi functional, selling and also affordable. We use WordPress CMS – because its simply functional and so popular. Did you know even New York Times, Audi and other major companies use this platform?

So we take WordPress and design template as a base of code and create your custom design with a sales-focused and attention grabbing visuals and content. In this way we save tons of money and time of basic code programming and concentrate on delivering your story to the world.

More questions – let’s talk! 

Can I be sure the website will look like I imagine it?

The site’s visual look will be agreed with you upon the programming. The content and functions we will also agree before. And all of this you can impact by giving us as much materials and information as you want to involve yourself. We are happy to take initiative in the development if that’s what you want. You are our priority, we are proud when you are.

Can I use my photos and content?

Of course. In the designing beginning stage we will talk about your brand, business which will help us to get as close look into your business as possible to be able to make the highly converting website for your ideal customer. We will also ask you questions about your target market, your brand’s visual identity materials, we will need your logo, the photos you have and information. We can use the content of your existing website and our marketing and sales specialized copywriters will go through your text to make sure it’s not only showcasing who you are but telling the story how you solve your customer’s problems and create a two-way communication with your target audience.

Can I make changes after my website is ready?

Yes, you can always make changes to your website yourself or delegate it to somebody. We can also make changes for you on request.

Where my website will be hosted?

We want to support you as much as you need, dear customer. We can make a website on your existing domain that is on your existing hosting server, or we can also host your domain on our partner’s hosting server and manage it for you. The rights for domain and hosting will always belong to you.

Can I keep my existing hosting provider and emails?

Yes, you can keep your existing hosting provider as well as emails.

Can you design an eCommerce website?

Yes, we can also design an eCommerce site which includes built in international payment gateways and product portfolios.

What do I need to do NOW to proceed to a new website?

Great! All you need to do is to contact us so we can call you back and arrange free consultation where we will discuss your brand, your challenges and vision.Before and after this meeting you have NO obligation to partner with Brandsite.

If we decide to cooperate, we will send you a proposal which will follow with practical actions. And very soon your highly effective sales oriented website which also converts leads and increases your brand awareness will be live! Click HERE.

If we didn’t manage to satisfy your interests yet, please drop us a message and we will come back withing 1 working day! We value your time.


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